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When handling document for client, you often are the liaison between them and their printer. And despite whether or not you’ve created the art, you often have to pick up the pieces and made necessary edits to allow the printing process to be a success. In this blog we disucss how to use photoshop crop marks to achieve this. Creating the appropriate printers marks is often one of these projects.

First, set your canvas size to the appropriate document size. Here, we have an 8x10 photo. Set your guides along all four edges of the document. Next, to create the cropping area, we’re going to increase the size of the canvas. Image>Canvas Size; Most printers require a .25” bleed, so increase your canvas size by .5 inches on both dimensions, keeping the anchor point in the center.

Crop & Bleed Photoshop- Dog 1

Now, create a new layer. Using your Single Column Marquee tool, run your cursor over the one of the vertical guides and click.  This will highlight a single column over the whole document. With the selection made, go Edit>Stroke.

Photoshop Crop Marks

Typically, it’s best practice to use a black crop mark, but in this case, I’ve used RED for crop marks photoshop. In any case, choose your stroke size and color. Then click ok. Repeat this process for every guideline, switching to Single Row Marquee to do the horizontal marks.

When you have all your strokes made, use the rectangle marquee tool to make a rectangle just outside the marks you’ve just made, highlighting part of the bleed area as well. By hitting delete, you can erase all the content within the selection. (This is why it's important to create the marks on a new layer.

Crop Marks Photoshop

If you’ve done it correctly, you should end up with something like this.

Crop & Bleed Photoshop- Dog 4

Remember, using bleeds is a very important first step. This allows some wiggle room for you if the crops are not made exact.

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