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Search Engine ROIMarketing should only be evaluated based on how much business it generates for you. The great thing about search engine optimization is it’s very easy to determine if your efforts at writing a blog or setting up new content are providing you with leads or revenue. Not only can it provide it on a high level, but it’s very easy to look onto specific pages, blogs or news and understand what tactics are working and what are not. This allows you to really understand whether or not each component of your digital strategy is paying off.

Digtal Firefly uses whatever analytics package you have installed– be it Google Analytics, WebTrends, HubSpot or GetClicky. We take that information and we measure it against your revenue and the amount you invested in the marketing. Our goal is make sure that the revenue you generate from search engine optimization is greater than the money you paid us! We’re not going to guarantee you that everyone will be successful, or that success will happen overnight. Search engine optimization takes time, but it’s always worth the investment.¬† We will consistently monitor your data and determine the best way to meet your goals– always striving¬† for a positive return on investment.

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