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Do you need to get some traffic to your website even if it’s paid?

Best in SEO July 2014Do you have a search project but have no idea how to get started?

Have you spent thousand of dollars on AdWords and not seen lead or revenue?

You may be looking for the best PPC Management Company?

Clients have hired Digital Firefly Marketing, a pay per click advertising company, to help set up and manage their Google AdWord, Facebook and Bing Campaigns. We offer expertise in getting these campaigns set up and monitor them on a daily basis. We have managed hundreds of thousands fo advertising dollars for our clients and we have been able to help them return an positive ROI using these paid channels.

A lot has changed in marketing in the last few years, especially advertising on the web. Gone are the days of simple banner ads and measuring eyeballs. Now you have pay per click advertising that can be quite complicated and expensive, but also can be cheaper than traditional advertising and deliver a very high return on investment (ROI). If your looking for the best PPC Management Company, Digital Firefly is the one for you! We aim to make pay per click advertising easy for you and ensure the big 5–Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn– bring the right traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing brings traffic to your site

We offer the following services:

Why is this important? Why do I need to be online for people to buy from me?

The reason is demonstrated below in an iconographic chart below from  Some companies are spending millions of dollars on pay per click advertising, but what is most interesting is there are many industries that have not yet taken advantage of this resource.  This creates tremendous opportunity to compete for clients through a pay per click– especially for local business (where only 7% is spent) and business to business (where only 2% of all dollars are spent). Pay per Click iconograph

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