At this stage we have a really good idea not only of your goals but also where you are in the the digital world. We then sharpen our pencils and start to craft a proposal based on your needs and budget. This can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to much more. We’ve handled business-to-business campaigns, local campaigns and consulted on SEO, SEM, social media and email marketing services. Every brand and business is different, which makes every proposal and estimation different. However each proposal will include the following:

  1. Estimated number of hours it will take us to finish a stand alone project
  2. Number of hours per week we will dedicate to any ongoing monitoring and ad services
  3. Budgets for paid advertisements
  4. Budgets for web design, new systems and email designs

Once you agree to our proposal we will send you a simple consulting agreement, or sign yours, and away we go! We will invoice you upfront for the set-up fees and each month for ongoing work such as social media monitoring. We can accept checks as well as credit cards to get things rolling and start integrating.

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