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Breanna Slocum is the Chief Social Media Guru at Digital Firefly Marketing

Bre Slocum

Social Media Strategist
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Bre Slocum is the Head of Social Media at Digital Firefly Marketing. She handles all of our clients’ social media as well as the DFM accounts. Bre focuses on using language creatively and effectively through social media management. She is skilled at telling clients’ stories. Igniting online conversation with the client at the forefront and improving brand awareness is her mission. Bre gets her greatest thrill from coming up with new ways clients can get the most out of their social platforms. This requires innovative thinking and serious creativity — two things Bre is great at. Her skills and process often generate a solid list of fresh ideas which leave her pretty darn excited.

When it comes to her philosophy on social media marketing Bre says, “After all, social should be well, social. Not promo, after promo, after promo.” Her philosophy is evident in her posts: she engages, informs and entertains audiences with her posts.

“Seeing a client succeed.” That’s Bre’s favorite part of working at Digital Firefly Marketing. “There are few things better than looking back at the work I have put in and seeing improvement. Our goal at DFM is to help clients get found on the Internet. When I contribute to that goal, everyone is happy, especially me.”

Bre spent one semester of her senior year of college participating in Semester at Sea. She sailed half the globe and visited 15 different countries while studying on a cruise ship that had been converted into a college campus. Needless to say, Bre loves travel and adventure. When she’s on the land a perfect day is a morning spent doing yoga, afternoon on the beach with her rescued Chihuahuas, and an evening spent listening to an awesome band on a warm summer night with a tasty cocktail.

More About Bre Slocum

Bre holds a degree in Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University where she minored in Film and Media Studies.

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