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Dana Wolford is a SEO Specialist at Digital Firefly Marketing. Her work is at the heart of what DFM does. Her insatiable desire for knowledge allows her to thoroughly research companies, products and services to build a true understanding before she develops their SEO. Dana loves knowing that her work helps clients grow successful businesses. Seeing their month-to-month traffic increase is awesome. The best part, though, is when she Googles something and sees the work she’s done show up high in the results.

Clients love that Dana goes above and beyond what is expected. She approaches each project by first finding out if the client has specific concerns. She then writes client’s meta as if each site she is optimizing is her own. She spot checks for issues and errors as she opens pages so that she can help clients’ sites be the best they can.

Dana’s favorite thing about Digital Firefly Marketing is being part of a highly talented, driven team. She takes great pride watching a client project start out as just an idea. As it passes through each DFM team member’s hands, it quickly begins to take shape. Dana loves how the final result is borne from the solid collaboration of each person’s knowledge and creative input that helps the client enhance their online presence.

If you’re looking for a good meal, Dana cooks like a gourmet chef. The personal and cathartic nature of putting together ingredients, though, is what keeps her from doing it for a living. She’s pretty sure if someone complained about it she’d kick them out of her restaurant. For good. In addition to complimenting her skills in the kitchen, you can win Dana over with bacon, coffee, craft beer, peanut butter, the color red, doing things her way, hardcover books, sharpies, kitschy notepads & dark chocolate. Insider tip: Reese’s are the best way to calm her down.

Dana studied Elementary Education at Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University.

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