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Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone founded in 2006. The team ideally wanted the site to be called , but a bird enthusiast had already owned that name. Therefore, they just dropped the vowels and settled on, inspired by the fact that American SMS short codes are five characters. The first tweet , by Dorsey, was "Just setting up my twttr." Six months later, the team had a good feeling about their new business, so they raised enough money to buy the “i” and “e”, officially landing the domain we know today as Twitter.comRead more
Social media is making celebrities, star athletes more available to the public. Through a quick Tweet or Facebook post, they can easily address millions of fans and continue to build their brands. But even celebrities have issues on how to use social media effectively and one of the best example is Hank Haney v. Tiger Woods . While we chose the two characters based solely on their past relationship for marketing value, it's easy to see how very different they are in their use of social media and in this example, Twitter. If you look at the below, what you will see is how active Hank Haney's...Read more
Earlier this year we wrote a blog on how to link Facebook to your Twitter account so when you update Facebook, you also update your Twitter. We got an email asking us the reverse question, how do I link my Twitter status to Facebook? First off, as we have said before, it's better to maintain separate messaging on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook tends to be all about the status updates, media sharing like pictures and video, while Twitter is at it's best when people are conversing with brands or thought leaders on different subjects. However, as we get off our social media soap box, let's look...Read more
One of the biggest social media marketing companies out there right now isn't Google or Instagram or Pinterest. It's Nike and they are killing it in social media. Nike? Yes, the people who told you to Just Do it, now are going the extra mile to help make sure that you do and they are using social media to make it happen. They want you to find greatness in your individual exercise no matter what it is as seen below in their latest spot. However, first things first, It's important to understand Nike as a brand. They are an athletic apparel company. They make clothing, sports equipment and shoes...Read more
Last week we presented on social media marketing during natural disasters at the NYDLA along with FEMA . Check out the video and the slides from our event.Read more
Hey do you know that today is election day? As you can see from the blog title and perhaps redirected from Facebook, social media and election day have become pretty intertwined. So it's likely you know today is election day. Why has social media and election day been such bosom buddies? It has a lot to do with how people use social media, particularly Facebook, and how campaigns try and reach voters. Before the 2008 election, the best way to reach a voter was to use traditional media and attempt to interrupt a person's activity to convey a brief message. These tactics included using direct...Read more
The NFL season is now officially underway, and nobody is happier about that than the league itself. This year, the National Football League has some bold plans to grow its already expansive digital marketing reach. The NFL is already a major topic of conversation on social media, but you can expect the amount of football-related conversation to grow in 2013. The NFL has wisely recognized that there is a lot of downtime during games. The average football game takes about three hours to play out, with only about 20 minutes of actual game action. So what are the fans to do in between plays,...Read more
This past Tuesday marked twelve years since the tragedies that unfolded on September 11, 2001. Although social media barely existed back then, it’s now a large part of our culture, and most companies have adopted it into their marketing and branding strategies. As such, some well-known companies felt the need to post 9/11-related social media content on Tuesday. Here are a couple who drew the ire of their followers. AT&T perhaps, received the most criticism for their use of social media on the anniversary of 9/11. They posted the below image. Most of the criticism was that AT&T was...Read more
Not all Olympians are equal, especially in the world of Twitter. Here are some of the more notable athletes from the 2012 London Olympic Games and their follower counts: Michael Phelps – 1,428,782 followers Ryan Lochte – 986,236 followers Missy Franklin – 374,679 followers Gabrielle Douglas – 774,832 followers Usain Bolt – 2,706,011 followers Kerri Walsh Jennings – 134,621 followers Ashton Eaton – 32,353 followers Taylor Ritzel – 968 followers Didn’t recognize that last one? That’s me. I competed in London as part of the Women’s 8+ last summer. While I might not be the most well known athlete...Read more
Hash tags aren’t just for trending topics, articles, social slander, inside jokes, or long nonsense you make up to be clever. Public events can benefit as well. And these are normal PUBLIC events; I’m not talking about the Emmy’s or Grammy’s here. So lets use an example of a recent event I attended over this past weekend. Formula Drift Round 4: The Gauntlet at Wall Stadium in Wall, NJ. And for those of you, who aren’t familiar with the world of drifting, it happens to be a grand spectacle of driving sideways, the crisp smell of burning rubber and a smoke engulfed track and spectator stands...Read more


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