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How to Be Anonymous on LinkedInIf you’re using LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed by now that you’ll receive notifications any time someone views your profile. But, have you ever wanted to view someone’s LinkedIn profile, but decided against it because you didn’t want that person to know you looked at their page? Well today is your lucky day. LinkedIn includes a privacy setting which allows you to view other profiles anonymously.

  1. In order to change these settings, hover your mouse over to your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner. Select Privacy and Settings. Then choose Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile. This gives you three different options.  LinkedIn sets you up with the name and headline option by default, which means that when you view a profile, that person can see that you‘re creepily stalking them, (for networking purposes, of course).
  2. The next option is industry and title which basically means that all they can see is "someone" from digital firefly checked them out, (which is what I set mine to).
  3. Finally, the last option is totally anonymous which is exactly what it sounds like, and allows you to view other profiles without these people having any knowledge about who you are.

So now that you’re an expert in LinkedIn settings, feel free to set your privacy settings however you’d like, and start creeping! (I mean, networking)

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