ProcessEvery business and brand is different. Some brands want a global presence, while other businesses simply want local success. In order to make sure your marketing dollars are spent wisely, the very first thing we do is sit down with you to understand your business goals. Some of the questions we will ask may seem obvious such as:

  • How much revenue do you want out of your website?
  • How many leads do you want to generate per month?
  • How much money do you have allocated to marketing?
  • Do you have the time to blog once a week?
  • Is your market the US, the world, or your county?
  • Who are you marketing to? Moms? other business? Teens with disposable income?

Answers to these questions give us an idea of what you want from your brand and business, and who your core customers are. Once we have a solid foundation of your business goals and needs we move onto the next step and investigate your website, search engine marketing, social media profiles and email marketing programs.

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