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Pay Per Click

Advertising on the internet has changed. Savvy businesses know that pay per click, when done right, is cheaper than traditional advertising and often yields a high return on investment. Digital Firefly Marketing offers complete pay per click services, devising the best PPC strategy for your business.

Digital Firefly Marketing Offers

  • Setup: Our team of experts sets up your accounts and creates campaigns ideal for all your business goals.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management: Continuous monitoring is important to make sure you are using the best keywords and your campaigns are on track.
  • Google Adwords Support: Adwords is the biggest player in the PPC game. Take advantage of our expertise to make sure your campaign is competitive.
  • Bing Campaigns: Bing campaigns have excellent conversion rates for certain target demographics and increase your overall exposure.
  • Yahoo Ads: Promote your business on all Yahoo-affiliated sites through their PPC program.
  • Facebook Ads: Facebook offers highly-customizable campaign targeting and can expand your advertising to Instagram.
  • LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn Ads are perfect for business-to-business marketing and reaching customized audiences based on their jobs.
  • Twitter Ads: Build your following and improve your brand recognition with Twitter Ads.
  • Remarketing Ads: You can capture even more of your targeted audience through a well-crafted remarketing strategy.
  • Account Auditing: We’ll go through your accounts with a fine-toothed comb to make sure you’re not losing conversions or revenue.
  • SEM Analytics: We provide a detailed analysis of each PPC campaign as it progresses to ensure the best return on your investment.

Do I Need Pay Per Click Help?

Pay per click is a simple concept, but complicated in practice. From keyword choice to account setup, it’s easy to lose out on traffic and revenue with a few small mistakes. An experienced team of PPC experts can set you on the path to success from day one. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want more traffic to my site?
  • Why aren’t I seeing traffic even though my site has high quality content?
  • I’m spending thousands on Adwords, why aren’t I getting any leads?
  • Do I understand my target market, who they are, and what strategies attract them?
  • Am I targeting my clients in the right places?

Get the Competitive Edge with Digital Firefly Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on developing your brand without also having to juggle the details of pay per click? And which platform is best for you? When you’re in a competitive industry, saturated market or both, multiple campaigns might be the answer. How do you know where to begin?

Digital Firefly Marketing focuses your pay per click efforts on the best platforms to maximize your return on investment. We’ll bring the right traffic to your website and manage everything from setup to analytics. Our professional staff is skilled, efficient and has the expertise to monitor your campaigns daily. We manage hundreds of thousands of advertising dollars across varied clients and have helped them return a positive ROI using these paid advertising channels.

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