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Google Adwords support

As part of our pay per click services, Digital Firefly Marketing offers Google AdWords support. AdWords accounts for 74% of pay per click advertising and has defined modern web advertising. As people start to advertise online, it’s usually one of the first places they begin. It offers pay per click advertising within its search engines and through its advertising network. Ads can include text, image, video and rich media. The program is also very flexible and allows businesses to advertise locally, by state, nationally, internationally or globally.

Digital Firefly Marketing Support Services for Google Adwords

Digital Firefly Marketing assists with setup, campaign management and analytics. It can all be a bit daunting at first, but our experts ensure everything goes smoothly. In particular, we’re available to help with:

  • Account set up and configuration.
  • Keyword research and competition analysis.
  • Location settings for geotargeting.
  • Bid settings and budget strategy.
  • Creative, keyword-optimized ad content.
  • Campaign assessment and revision.
  • Customized content to enhance landing pages.

Google measures bids and quality score to determine your ad ranking. Your quality score is based on clickthrough rate, ad keyword relevance and landing page relevance. This ensures that the top ad spot doesn’t simply go to the business with the deepest pockets. In other words, Adwords rewards great content and penalizes pages with misleading content or no content. The higher your quality score, the more often your ad is shown.

Ongoing Pay Per Click Management with DFM

As your campaign proceeds, Digital Firefly Marketing assesses its progress and makes adjustments. For example, as you develop new products and content, we test the ads for those pages. We also track keyword value and efficacy. Of course we’ll adjust all bids along the way. As we discover new keywords with unexpected value, we’ll fine tune the AdWords campaign to take advantage them.

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