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Negative Content Monitoring

Negative content monitoring is essential for assessing the effectiveness of any reputation management strategy.  The internet is a constantly changing environment, so the placement of your content will be in flux, too.  For example, if Google indexes new sites or other rankings shift, your results will also shift.  As the balance tips between your old search results and your new ones, it’s important to keep an eye on things. Negative content monitoring is also excellent for anyone who regularly receives reviews for products and services. If you are a high-profile organization or individual, bad reviews are inevitable. Monitoring them will allow you to deal with them as they arise and address legitimate business issues that need your attention.

Negative Content Monitoring by Digital Firefly Marketing

The reputation management team will devise monitoring strategies appropriate for your specific case.

For Reverse SEO Success

Negative content monitoring will show you how well your reverse SEO strategy is working. It’s useful for sharpening your content campaigns, too. Which keywords and content are most affecting the negative results? The keys to reverse SEO are observation, adaptation and persistence. Negative content monitoring is critical to this entire process.

After Removal of Defaced Content

When removal of defaced content is successful, it’s important to make sure the old content remains deleted. Tracking and monitoring ensure no new version of old content appear.

To Monitor Business Reviews

Digital Firefly Marketing also does negative review monitoring for businesses dealing with feedback from the public. The reputation management team tracks reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Google Local, Open Table, etc. In addition to advising on dealing with these reviews, we can examine them for trends and suggest solutions. We’ll then be able to determine if these reviews are fraudulent, or if they are something you can address within your business practices.

To Anticipate Negative Content

The internet has a long memory. It’s sharper than you might realize, too. Google algorithms boost content based on user search behaviors, including what time of year searches are popular. Negative content monitoring is vital for anticipating surges and trends in negative content, especially if they’re tied to a particular date.  This allows the reputation management team to increase their efforts around those specific events and dates to temper the negative effects.

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