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Keyword Optimization

Once keyword research is complete, keyword optimization begins. This process involves adding all the right keywords in all the right places on your website. The Digital Firefly Marketing team will make your website perfectly SEO friendly, making sure every element is compliant.

Bring Traffic to Your Website with Keyword Optimization

After all the keywords and other SEO elements are in place, there is still important work to be done. First, we’ll submit your site to search engines for indexing. Google and other engines will crawl your site’s contents, which could take several hours to several days depending on its complexity. Once this is complete, your audience will begin finding your new pages.

Strengthen Keywords Through Fresh Content

From search behaviors to search engine algorithms, keyword value is in constant flux. As new websites emerge competing for search visibility, you may need to rethink overall keyword strategy and optimize again. It’s also wise to keep updating your website with new content and additional keywords. There are several ways to do this:

  • Start a blog. Start with five articles about your interests and services, making use of the appropriate keywords. After that, be sure to update regularly. We advise updating at least once a week so that Google recognizes that your blog has fresh material. If you don’t have time to blog, hire a blog writer.
  • Create a news page. If you send out press releases or appear in the news, create a news page to share these articles. Make sure you include relevant keywords as you present this content.
  • Highlight new work and products. If you have new projects or other things to show off, share them regularly to bring back repeat visitors. The more relevant to your keyword interests, the better.
  • Freshen up the home page. Keep an area on your main page to show off new projects and offer previews for upcoming endeavors. Some websites also change their banners and themes for holidays. Whatever you do, choose updates that make sense for your goals.

All these things are excellent for maintaining website visibility. Search engines will recognize your site as active. You’ll also be deepening the quality of keywords on your site over time through continued research and optimization. Such SEO best practices have been proven to be more powerful than any other marketing for eCommerce and other businesses.

Aside from revenue and blog hits, how do you know how your site is doing? The next step of the process is analytics.

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