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Reverse SEO

You’ve probably already used SEO to boost your website rankings.  But what happens if something unflattering or undesirable has risen to the top?  What if you are changing careers and need your new path to be more visible than your old one?  That’s where reverse SEO comes in. Digital Firefly Marketing uses advanced SEO to lower the rank of undesired search results.

Rebalancing Your Web Presence with Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO works due to the fact that more than 90% of people don’t go beyond the first page of search results.  In addition, only 1% of users will visit the third page of results. So the farther the undesired content moves down, the less likely it is that someone will find it.
Our reputation management team employs content marketing strategies designed to promote positive content. Our recommendations depend on your goals and other findings of our reputation evaluation.  Some possible recommendations may include creation of:
  • New websites
  • Wikipedia entries
  • Social media profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Photos, videos and other media
We may also make recommendations on other internet behaviors.  For example, we may advise how best to approach negative reviews on social media.  If social media is an issue, we may recommend strategies for handling public feedback.

Developing a Positive, Powerful and Persistent Presence with DFM Reputation Management

Every reputation management case is unique.  The reputation management team at Digital Firefly Marketing experienced.  We will devise the best reverse SEO strategy for your needs.  Once activated, we’ll monitor the progress of the marketing plan.  Finally, we will also modify or add new dimensions to the reverse SEO strategy.
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