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Reputation Management

Today, organizations and individuals are at the mercy of the Internet. Unflattering news, reviews and pictures spread quickly. This is why people need reputation management. A good reputation can be destroyed overnight. Digital Firefly Marketing offers reputation management to combat this. First, we learn your goals. Then we develop a strategy to create a more visible, positive web presence.

Digital Firefly Marketing Offers

  • EXTENSIVE REPUTATION EVALUATION: Our reputation management team first analyzes your search results. Additionally, we highlight problem areas and mitigation strategies.
  • REVERSE SEO: After the evaluation we then work with you to develop content based on the type of web presence you seek.
  • REMOVAL OF DEFACED CONTENT: Furthermore, we address the removal of defaced content.
  • NEGATIVE CONTENT MONITORING: We monitor the balance of negative and positive content. This is a fluid process. DFM adjusts strategy for the most efficient results possible.
Reputation management is not just for people who’ve made a mistake. It’s a great way to highlight accomplishments. It’s useful for adjusting your online presence in the wake of a career change, too. For example, HR professionals often use Google to check out job candidates.  Your web presence should reflect the person you want to be. Make sure your most relevant and professional assets appear first. Replace that old letter to the editor with news of your recent promotions.  Make your recent professional headshots rank higher than your photos on social media.  Establish yourself as an authority in your new field with thoughtful articles appearing first in search. Think you’re ready to tackle all this yourself?

Reputation Management Requires…

  • Careful searching. Do you know how to search so that you don’t boost your negative content? From auditing to monitoring, you need to be vigilant.
  • Strategic planning. Do you know what sorts of content rise to the top? You need a keen understanding of SEO to push positive content up in search results.
  • Content writing. Do you have time to write content and manage social media? You’ll need a lot of fresh, positive content and a lot of time.
  • Frequent monitoring. Reputation management also requires time to analyze your progress.
  • Strategic adjustment. There’s finesse involved in reputation management on the internet. Will you know when your positive content strategy needs a refresh? Are you promoting content in the right ways, in the right places?

Let Us Help You Reclaim Your Online Reputation

Is it time to take back your name? If you don’t like what you see when you search for your name, business or organization online, we can help. Get a free reputation audit today and let Digital Firefly Marketing get you on the path to better search results.

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