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Content Marketing

Valuable, well written content is an important part of your digital marketing plan. Digital Firefly Marketing provides content marketing services to organizations of all sizes, across many industries.

Content Writing Services at Digital Firefly Marketing

  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: our experts will develop high quality social media posts that reflect your brand while targeting the hot demographics on each platform.
  • WEB CONTENT WRITING: no matter what your industry, our team of writers researches the industry, and writes exceptional text that matches your brand.
  • BLOGS AND ARTICLES: get up to date, industry specific blogs and articles that are keyword targeted and optimized.
  • PRESS RELEASES: Take a gamble and see if the local or even national media pics up on your latest news. Our writers know how to quickly and properly draft press releases to send out to media, generating buzz.

Creating compelling text is key to getting found on the Internet. Good content and keywords help increase organic traffic, give you a better chance to build an audience on social media and gives you great information to email to your customers. If you’re handling your own content ask yourself these questions:

When It Comes To Content Marketing Do I…

  • Have the time to blog three times a week? You should post up to three blogs of exceptional quality and superior design each week. These should be keyword researched, optimized for search engines and written appropriately for Google to crawl.
  • Update Facebook and other social media sites 20 times a week? That’s right: unless you’re posting quality links and info on a regular basis you’re not going to get noticed. In addition, graphics have to drive traffic.
  • Know how to write and distribute an ebook? eBooks are a valuable tool for businesses. First, they help build an audience. Next, it keeps them coming back. It’s not easy to develop, design, organize, produce, proof and complete content of this length. And you can’t put the rest of your business on hold while you do it.
  • Have the talent and know how to produce videos and webinars? The most consumed media these days? It’s visual. Video and webinars are popular and that means they’re competitive. You can’t just turn on your camera and talk — instead they require scripting and production.

The above serves to reiterate the fact that content drives SEO. And it’s not just publishing any old thing. Rather, it must be optimized, designed, engaging and search engine friendly.

Do you have dedicated writing staff trained in SEO?

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the staff or time to devote to exceptional page copy. They are also juggling their business. Getting help from a digital marketing agency is often the first step in growing. You’ll save time and know your site is being handled by experts only focused on creating content. It’s a great way for small businesses to take advantage of the tools that help big businesses. Almost all large businesses have a dedicated staff for writing.

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