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Extensive Reputation Evaulation

When you search for your name, business or organization online, are you happy with what you see? There are numerous reasons for wanting to change such search results. At Digital Firefly Marketing, our reputation management team will tailor its strategies to your specific goals. For each client, we begin with an extensive reputation evaluation and report.

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The reputation evaluation provides the framework for our reputation management plan. We will also highlight any specific concerns or problem areas that arise. Sometimes these assessments reveal embarrassing or even hurtful information. At Digital Firefly Marketing, we are sensitive to each unique situation and focus on solving the issues at hand. The evaluation will be free of judgment and kept completely confidential, of course.

A typical reputation evaluation begins with thorough searching using Google and other major search engines. What we look for will depend on the nature of the desired reputation shift. For example, if you are looking to revitalize your reputation in the face of negative search results, we might look for:

  • Negative news headlines and news stories
  • Defaced pictures and logos
  • Poor reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Local
  • Negative content on blogs
  • False or misleading content


If you are changing careers or rebalance your online presence for professional purposes, we might look for items such as:

  • Outdated career or business references
  • Publicly posted credentials and reviews
  • Stored info on resume and job-hunting sites
  • Other remnants of your old “brand”

Reputation Analysis and Rebranding Strategy

Once the evaluation is complete, Digital Firefly Marketing will analyze the data. We will thoroughly examine the impact of all relevant search results. Finally, our reputation management team will devise a comprehensive plan to address each appropriately. In addition, we will track negative results to assess the success of our plan as we proceed. This allows us to further refine our strategy so that you see results quickly and consistently.

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