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Removal of Defaced Content

High-profile individuals and organizations can be the victims of elaborate photoshop ploys. Today’s software makes it very easy to take someone’s image or corporate logo and deface it. This can be done by someone in jest, or by someone with a more nefarious purpose.  Unfortunately, some web groups find great pride in having such content overtake your search results.  If you have been the subject of such an attack, removal of defaced content will be a critical for reputation management.

Identifying Defaced Content

DFM’s experts will gather information about your defaced content during our initial reputation evaluation.  If you know of specific sources or types of such content, it will be important for you to mention them to us, too.  The reputation management team will then track down the rest and begin the removal process.  We may encounter items such as:

  • Defaced photos
  • Altered company logos
  • Misrepresented information
  • Misattributed quotes
  • Defamatory statements
  • Libelous content

In our searches, we may find other false and defamatory content, too.  Once we identify these items, we will begin the removal process.

Removal of Defaced Content

At Digital Firefly Marketing, we always aim to remove as much defaced content as possible.  We will also prioritize our efforts to remove the most visible defaced content first to ensure the quickest results.

We’ll investigate each instance of defaced content to ensure we take the appropriate measures on your behalf. In some cases, it’s enough to alert Google or the website owners with formal removal requests.  Other removal options that might be appropriate include DMCA takedown requests and cease and desist letters.

Following the removal requests, Digital Firefly Marketing will monitor the sites for compliance.

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