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Search Engine Analytics

In addition to keyword research and optimization, Digital Firefly Marketing provides analytics services. Analytics are the way to measure success and, even more importantly, diagnose possible problems. The Digital Firefly Marketing team provides weekly analytics, like those in Facebook Insights. This allows DFM to monitor traffic, leads, clicks and conversions. This data informs every decision our team makes.

Analytics by Digital Firefly Marketing

Many small businesses are stretched for time but what can be sacrificed? Nothing. Despite this, the tracking of stats are often cut because people don’t understand their value. After all, isn’t it more important to maintain your website, post content, engage on social media and have gorgeous design than worry about analytics and insights? No!

Digital Firefly Marketing uses the most reliable analytics providers to track where you are and your journey toward your goal. Our process is structured:

  • First, we get an understanding of your SEO goals. Whether you want to increase leads, sales, organic traffic, PPC traffic or anything else we need to know this.
  • Next, we analyze metrics specific to that goal so that we can constantly gather data to measure and evaluate your ROI. As an example: if your goal is more or better leads, we’ll focus on conversation, conversion rate and conversion value then amend our strategy to keep you moving toward your goal.

We also look at the data and measure it against your revenue and the amount you invested in marketing. Our goal is to make sure that the revenue you generate from marketing is more than what you paid to market. We use the data to determine the best, most efficient way to meet your goals and make your return on investment positive.

Our monthly analytics reports include an executive summary of our experts’ findings, not only showing the data but highlighting successes and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Why is SEO analysis so important?

Analytics show you what’s working and not, allowing you to change your strategy and stay on top of your business. It also, and this is vital to small businesses, helps you control your budget and fine tune your results. Let Digital Firefly Marketing help you unlock the information your stats, analytics and insights hold so that we can put you on the road toward your goals.

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