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Account Auditing

How is your pay per click campaign going? Whether you’ve just opened your account or your campaign is well underway, it’s the perfect time for our account auditing services. At Digital Firefly Marketing, our team of pay per click experts first take a comprehensive look at your accounts. Then we go through your campaign settings with a fine-toothed comb and make recommendations for a strategy that optimizes your return on investment.

Pay Per Click Account Auditing

Even just setting up a pay per click account can be quite daunting. There are a multitude of options to consider and PPC services frequently roll out new features. It can get even more confusing if you’re juggling multiple campaigns on more than one platform. Every missed detail can potentially cost you in non-conversions and lost revenue.

During our audit, we’ll do a thorough analysis of your campaign including all settings. For example, we’ll assess your:

  • Keyword choices. Have you selected the most relevant keywords? Staying on top of search trends and shifts in popularity is vital for capturing your target audience.
  • Keyword performance. It’s critical to regularly weed out underperforming keywords if you want a maximum return on your investment. We’ll identify terms that are no longer worth that cost per click.
  • Negative keywords. These are critical for paring down the number of non-converting clicks.
  • Ad groups. Are your keywords in the right ad groups? Ensuring this improves your clickthrough rate. We’ll also examine what combinations of terms you’re using.
  • Conversion tracking. Are you properly tracking conversions? We’ll help identify warning signs such as high conversion rates but overall low sales.
  • Location targeting. You reduce stray clicks with proper geographic targeting, of course.
  • Ad copy. Is your ad copy enticing? Well-crafted ads maximize your chances of capturing your targeted audience.
  • Landing pages. Have you chosen the best landing pages? Fresh, engaging content for your landing pages is vital, too.
  • Bid settings. Incorrect bidding is another quick way to sink a pay per click campaign. We’ll make sure your strategy is sound based on all available data.
  • Remarketing potential. Remarketing is another avenue we explore with every campaign audit, since it can substantially improve your return on investment.

Our Pay Per Click Auditing Services

Every detail counts when you’re setting up pay per click advertising.  Are you getting the best return on investment across your campaigns?  Let our PPC experts analyze your strategies. Request a PPC audit from the team to make sure your settings are correct and that you’ve made the best choices possible. The Digital Firefly Marketing team troubleshoots and optimizes campaigns across all major pay per click platforms.

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