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Keyword Research

Every internet search begins with keywords.  Most simply, these words and phrases tell the search engine what a web page is about.  In the old days, it may have been enough to have those keywords repeated on your pages to drive traffic to your website.  Today, search engines are far more savvy and users are, too.  Keyword research has become a vital part of establishing and maintaining a website’s visibility.


Why Keyword Research Is Important

Keywords certainly tell search engines what your website is about. Even more importantly, they specifically tell search engines what you’re promising the visitor will find there.  This is important for several interconnected reasons.

Keywords Improve Specificity

The more specific your keywords are, the more likely the right visitor will find you.  For example, there are millions of websites containing the keyword “coffee.”  There are far fewer for phrases such as “small batch roasters in Princeton, NJ.”  This allows you to capture extremely specific traffic.  Keyword research is important for determining what terms your desired traffic is searching for.

Specificity Improves Visibility

The savvy searcher looking for local roasters is unlikely to just search for the word “coffee.”  If you have not optimized for enough keywords or for the correct keywords, your site won’t be visible. Keyword analysis uncovers keywords that will give your site the edge and rank higher than the competition.

Search Engines Reward Delivery

Are visitors using your website after it comes up in the search? If so that’s going to boost your rankings, too, because your site is gaining authority.  That means more people will read, buy and share what you have to offer, too.  This makes keyword research an excellent return on your investment.

Advanced Keyword Analysis with Digital Firefly Marketing

Digital Firefly Marketing provides advanced SEO keyword research services that guarantee results. Our analyses will ensure you capture your desired audience and see growth in traffic and revenue.

  • First, we’ll evaluate your website. This includes analysis of all SEO elements to see how your current build stacks up. We want to help you build a strong foundation.
  • Next, we’ll meet with you. During this meeting, we’ll make sure we understand your goals and what your site is about. We want to understand your vision and your target audience.
  • Finally, keyword analysis begins. Our experts will prepare the list of words and phrases most likely to drive traffic to your website.  We want to help you rise above the competition.

Once we have the list of words and phrases, we will implement them across your site.  This is the keyword optimization phase.

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