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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing helps you capture more of your targeted audience. Today’s internet users are constantly inundated with information during searches and social media interactions. Your website or product may be exactly what they’re looking for, but they may pass it by because they aren’t prepared to purchase at that exact moment.  In other cases, they may click on your link but then get interrupted.  In pay per click terms, this is a wasted conversion and you’ve potentially lost revenue.  Remarketing ads give those users an opportunity to interact with your website again and recover that revenue.

Recapture Your Audience with Remarketing Ads

Digital Firefly Marketing creates remarketing strategies ideal for your website and your goals.  Do you want to remarket to visitors who:

  • Clicked on any part of your site?
  • Looked at specific landing pages or products?
  • Didn’t see the pages you wanted them to?
  • Added items to the cart, but didn’t finish check out?

From there, we begin setting up your remarketing ad campaign.  This involves creating a tag that initiates advertising based on visitor behavior and the desired ad placement.  For example, let’s say you have a company that sells board games.  If a visitor comes to your site and browses games but doesn’t buy anything, you can target and incentivize them with an ad for free shipping.

Improve Your Pay Per Click ROI with Digital Firefly Marketing

To get a good return on your investment, these campaigns require a bit of finesse.  That’s where the Digital Firefly Marketing team really shines.  Our experts can facilitate every step, from development of your list of targets to creation and implementation of tags.  We’ll craft ads and new landing pages that radically improve your conversion rates.  DFM will also monitor the efficacy of our strategy through continuous monitoring.  As part of ongoing management for all our pay per click campaigns, we perform comprehensive analytics so you’ll see the return on your investment.

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