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Ongoing Campaign Management

As with other digital marketing strategies, pay per click campaigns are not something you can just set and forget. Ongoing PPC campaign management is critical for getting good results. New competitors emerge and keyword values shift. Constantly refining your campaigns to get the best return on your investment is a labor intensive process that requires ongoing keyword research, regular account auditing, assessment of the competition and creative strategizing. Digital Firefly Marketing offers complete PPC management services to help you get the most from your ad spending.

Our Pay Per Click Campaign Management Strategies

Digital Firefly Marketing continuously monitors keyword performance during PPC campaigns. This way we’ll know when it’s time to:

  • Add fresh keywords. As you add new products, services and content, fresh keywords will expand your reach. Continuous keyword research also highlights new, valuable keywords as the campaign progresses.
  • Add negative keywords. By adding these words to the campaign, we target your desired audience more precisely and get more bang for your buck. Non-converting keywords only waste your money.
  • Remove underperforming keywords. We routinely weed out keywords that aren’t a good return on your investment, either because they’re expensive or not resulting in conversions.
  • Split ad groups. This strategy can improve your click-through rate and quality score by grouping ads such that they target specific landing pages and ad text.
  • Refine website content. Fresh, optimized content with excellent readability will boost your landing pages. We may also recommend that you individualize them to match the most valuable search queries.

Ongoing management is critical because Google, Bing and Yahoo use bidding and budgets to determine what page your ad appears on. Since 90% of people don’t search beyond the first page, you need to be sure your bid is a winner. Front page placement is extremely important for driving traffic and keeping a well-performing keyword in the top position.

Let Digital Firefly Marketing Manage Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Ready to take the plunge? Our comprehensive PPC campaign management services are an excellent investment. Whether you are beginning a new campaign or need to troubleshoot an existing one, we’re ready to work with you.


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