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Ongoing Campaign Management

Search engine marketing is not something that you should just set and forget. Ongoing campaign management plays a critical role in ensuring you are getting good results. As new products are made available, different ads are tested, new keywords are discovered or realized to have unexpected value, it’s imperative that each campaign is managed and fine tuned to lead to maximum results. For example if a particular keyword phrase increases sales much more than a more expensive keyword, wouldn’t you want to put more money towards that keyword than one that is underperforming?

Another reason ongoing campaign management is so important is due to how Google, Bing and Yahoo! use bidding and budgets to put ads on different pages of search results. Since 75% of people don’t search beyond the first page, making sure your bid gives you front page placement is extremely important if you want to drive traffic or keep an over performing keyword in the top position.

Campaign Management goes hand in hand with the last step of our process, analytics

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