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Social Media Posts

Social media should never be an afterthought. It’s not something that can be posted on the fly. Digital Firefly Marketing, New Jersey’s digital marketing company, knows this. Our Social Media Experts are on top of social media best practices and trends. They create posts that gain traction, spark engagement and help build your presence.

Why Are Social Media Posts Vital To Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Social media is an excellent tool for engaging your audience and potential customers. That said, it requires a tremendous amount of work. Facebook alone requires daily posting. And posts must target your current demographic and others you’re trying to cast in your net. Clients across industries trust Digital Firefly Marketing to handle their social media posts.

Digital Firefly Marketing provides exceptional social media services to clients including:

  • First, drafting weekly social media queues. This includes geo targeted keyword trend research, image production and curation, hashtag development and analyzing industry and influencer trends.
  • Then, analyzing data. Our social media experts prepare useful reports devoid of jargon. These reports help in three ways. They keep our experts up to date on performance. Reports provide valuable data on demographics. Finally, they help define pitfalls and work around them.
  • Scheduling and posting. DFM posts to all social sites without ever knowing your password. Even better? We schedule posts for the times you get the most visits to increase your site’s traffic.
  • Interacting. Our experts comment, share and interact with followers to increase engagement.

The Digital Firefly Marketing Difference

Digital Firefly Marketing knows that interesting posts get people to click. We also know that it takes researched, targeted content to build an audience. We never repost in rotation. Rather, our experts use trends and keywords to post the right content at the right time. In addition, our experts craft and curate unique, valuable, engaging content across trending topics. Then, they schedule these social media posts to keep your customers engaged.

Let Us Help You Grow

Do you have the time to give your social media posts the time and attention they need? When you want to increase the quality and frequency of your posts, DFM can help. Our social media experts can can prep, schedule and post the perfect queue for your brand. Furthermore, social media posts include a mix of text and images and guided by social media best practices. That means custom and curated content that is industry specific, valuable, and engaging.

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