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Bing Campaigns

Bing Ads (formerly known as Microsoft adCenter) has a much smaller market share than Google AdWords when it comes to pay per click advertising services. While clearly the underdog, the service has grown in recent years.  It’s an excellent value and can boost the visibility for your website across additional search engines.  Digital Firefly Marketing offers setup, management and analysis of Bing campaigns.

Why Build a Bing Ads Campaign?

Even though Google has the lion’s share of the pay per click market, Bing is still worth a look.  It offers:

  • Additional visibility. Currently it displays advertising in both Bing and Yahoo searches, as well as Microsoft affiliated products such as Hotmail.  This makes it a great choice for supplementing an AdWords campaign.
  • Less competition.  This makes it ideal if you’re on a budget. Clicks are cheaper with less competition and click-through rates tend to be higher if you have a high quality score.
  • Finer geotargeting.  Their service allows you to set ad schedules, locations, networks and language at the ad group level, not just the campaign level like AdWords.

These campaigns are ideal if your target audience matches Bing’s demographic.  Its users tend to be older, married individuals in households with incomes greater than $100K a year.  It also currently commands 33.1% of the desktop search market in the United States.  Bing boasts 5 billion monthly searches from 134 million unique searchers, 55 million of which are not reached on Google.

Pay Per Click Management with Digital Firefly Marketing

Digital Firefly Marketing guides you at every step of setting up a Bing Ads marketing campaign.  We assist in researching keywords, setting your budget, crafting your ads and analyzing the results.  As with all of our pay per click campaigns, we make strategic adjustments based upon the ads with the highest click-through rates and work with you to ensure the best return on your investment.

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