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Free Website Audit

Digital Firefly Marketing can help with a no-obligation website assessment to see how your brand fares on the Internet. You can learn where your website might be broken and why no one can find you on Google, why your Social Media just “isn’t working” and how good or bad your Reputation is on the Internet.

Why would we give this to you for free? Well, we like to give back and help people and business get found on the Internet. It’s what we do. We also believe that once we show you what’s wrong you may consider hiring us to fix it. How do we fix it?

  • It starts with website evaluation where we examine your website to see if best practices are being used for search and social media marketing.
  • It goes onto keyword research to look for keywords around the products and services you offer and can rank for in Google
  • It continues with looking at how many people link to your site to determine whether or not you can rank in Google.
  • It keeps going with Digital Firely looking at all your social media accounts and determining if they are really social or just being used as stale sales tools

So, by filling out the form on the right, we will investigate your website and then email you a quick report showing you just where your website might be broken. No credit card, no free-trial sign ups, just our report in 48 hours, so you can understand how valuable our services can be for your company.

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