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Capitol Outdoor

top outdoor advertising company

Known for their engaging brand experiences, Capitol Outdoor is an advertising company based in Washington DC. They are famous in the industry for their customer service, years of experience and strategically placed advertising locations. Their top-notch real estate department works together with their expert sales team to secure prime locations around the country. Additionally, they are leaders in the Out of Home advertising industry and work with top brands like Google, GE and Apple.

Premier Advertising with Capitol Outdoor

Capitol Outdoor is fully committed to helping clients extend their brand reach. They work across diverse markets, maintaining that no request is ever too small when it comes to client satisfaction. In fact, there are several ways Capitol Outdoor has established itself in the premier US advertising market:

  • Over 25 years of experience – First, Capitol Outdoor has gained years of industry know-how through various cities and regional markets. This has allowed them to forge lasting and productive relationships with their clients.
  • Diversity of products and services –  Whatever the scope of the client’s campaign, Capitol Outdoor offers a wide variety of products. They offer billboard advertising services including sign building, ad installation and cover all aspects of billboard operations.
  • Greatest recall – Finally, companies want to advertise in a way that is memorable to their target audience. By working with this experienced billboard advertising company, businesses get maximum exposure.

Digital Firefly Marketing & Capitol Outdoor

Digital Firefly Marketing manages the Google Adwords Campaign for Capitol Outdoor. This is one of our Pay Per Click services that allows businesses to advertise online. Since the program is very flexible, companies can advertise on many levels from locally to globally. If you would like to increase your online visibility, contact us today for a free pay per click audit.

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