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Command Control Protection Dogs (CCPD) is a world leader in the training and sale of security dogs. They work with Europe’s top breeders of Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds to produce dogs of the highest quality. When it comes to family and protection needs, Command Control Protection Dogs has set the industry standard. Each dog undergoes world-renowned training before delivery to the customer. Upon arrival, trainers continue working with dogs to respond to their new owner as precisely as with professionals.

Command Control Protection Dogs Unique Training Methods

Command Control Protection Dogs uses a highly successful training program with all of their best-of-breed dogs. First, they only purchase from breeders who hand raise their dogs. Second, they use methods rooted in psychology rather than toys or treats. This results in a trust-based relationship between trainer and animal. Finally, professionals train dogs in real-life situations so they easily fit in with their new families. Other features that make this company stand out include:

  • Fully-trained dogs maintain their skills with daily practice in obedience, agility and security.
  • All protection dogs arrive fully socialized with other animals and children.
  • Customers reserve access to professional trainers for the life of their protection dog.

These industry leaders stand apart from their competitors with tailor-made packages, customized for each client. Furthermore, they offer the strongest unconditional guarantee in the dog protection business. That gives customers additional peace of mind when making this important investment.   

Digital Firefly Marketing and Command Control Protection Dogs

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