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Island Outpost is a collection of distinctive resorts in Jamaica. Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, established Island Outpost as a result of his love for island life. Visitors can choose from luxury hotels and villas, each with its own character. The atmosphere of each location is friendly, casual and inspired by music and the island itself. The staff at Island Outpost makes their guests feel at home. In fact, they strive to make the experience like staying with friends.

The Unique and Alluring Environment of Island Outpost

Another distinct feature of Island Outpost is that all resorts exist in harmony with nature. The beach huts and secluded cottages provide a luxurious escape from the everyday. There are several properties visitors can choose from:

  • GoldenEye – Tropical gardens flourish around each villa in this paradise by the beach. The unique architecture of indoor-outdoor living makes for an unforgettable experience.
  • Strawberry Hill – This collection of cottages is romantic and luxurious. For example, this retreat has a breathtaking infinity pool and majestic lawns. For this reason, it’s a popular place for events and weddings.
  • The Caves – Comprised of 12 handcrafted cottages and villas, each room at The Caves is a mix of radiance and comfort. Another alluring factor is the Jamaican cuisine at this resort.
  • Fleming Villa – This secluded haven where Ian Fleming created James Bond is unsurpassed for indulgence and privacy.

Each location boasts its own restaurants, bars and spa amenities. As a result, guests can relax and explore each day. Activities like swimming, kayaking and fishing are prevalent at each location for guests of all ages. Also, guests are welcomed to stay overnight at Patrepant, the working farm at Island Outpost.

Digital Firefly Marketing and Island Outpost

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