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Raley’s provides a health- and community-conscious grocery shopping experience.

With their family of high-quality grocery stores across Northern California and Nevada, Raley’s has been trusted by customers since 1935. This family-owned network of stores operates with the company’s vision in mind: to make healthier food accessible to everyone. Raley’s has grown over the years to 78 stores that operate under the flagship brand. In 1992, they acquired Bel Air Markets and in 1998 they purchased Nob Hill Foods. They also acquired eight Food Source stores that offer quality products in a warehouse format. Raley’s owner Michael Teel opened Market 5-ONE-5 in downtown Sacramento in 2018. This independently managed store makes healthy eating simple in a neighborhood grocery store setting. The Raley’s family of stores provides quality service and includes familiar brands that customers trust for the best nutrition.

Raley’s: Inspiration Through Healthy Eating

Raley’s customers know that it’s more than a grocery store. By making healthier options available to more people, they’re nourishing the communities that surround them. It’s easier for consumers to make choices that align with their dietary needs thanks to Raley’s exclusive labeling system. The Shelf Guide uses color-coded icons to help clarify nutrition contents. Labels like non-GMO, vegan and minimally processed are some of the categories. Additionally, the website employs filters, helping shoppers navigate food choices for an enhanced online experience.

Raley’s values connection and giving back to its communities. Over the years, they’ve made bold commitments through following initiatives:

  • Innovative giving programs Raley’s founded Food for Families, which has been alleviating hunger in the community since 1986. Equally important are the many philanthropic efforts they engage in from crisis relief to partnerships with charitable organizations.
  • Environmental responsibility – Taking an innovative stance on the environment benefits everyone. Raley’s consistently applies new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve made great strides in paper waste reduction, recycling and water conservation.
  • Trustworthy vendors – Not only do they have high ethical standards, but Raley’s only partners with vendors who do, too. In fact, all food produced by their vendors meets or exceeds their standards for excellence. These collaborative efforts support local farms, humanely-raised animals and Non-GMO Project-verified brands.

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