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Jason Durity is Director of Development at Digital Firefly Marketing. He is our go to guy for WordPress development, troubleshooting coding conflicts and handling myriad other issues that appear in the day to day of working with the internet. His experience is organic and hands on. While in the United States Army he discovered an interest in computers. This lead him to web development. Upon leaving the military Jason self-taught himself how to code by spending endless nights programming. Jason is the epitome of a team player and feels fortunate to have worked with developers over the years. These collaborations have allowed him to expand his already excellent skill set through hands on learning. Jason’s favorite part of working at DFM is the opportunity it provides him to work with clients across a variety of industries. Each client brings unique development needs and requirements to the table and that makes each day interesting.

Jason is meticulous when it comes to his work and his philosophy on development shows this. “Website development is like a railroad locomotive. Your business is the train running on the track (your website). Anyone can have a website built or even do it themselves these days but if the track is not laid out properly, the train will eventually crash. A properly build and structured website allows for endless technological possibilities when it’s time to expand site features and functions.

When it comes to working at DFM Jason loves the behind-the-scenes work of development projects and seeing how elated clients are when their website goes live.

In 1994 Jason was running track at his high school in Florida. He broke the school’s record for the 100 meter dash with a time of 10.03 seconds. T0 this day, Jason still holds the record. When Jason isn’t structuring websites or troubleshooting coding issues he enjoys building wooden furniture in his free time. And we’re not talking about following directions from IKEA. Jason makes custom pieces. His two favorites are a 14 foot wall to wall computer desk for he and his wife, and colleague, Maarit and the full-size bar he built for their patio.

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