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March 31, 2017

Important SEO Stats for 2017

SEO is not dead. 210 people search for that exact phrase every month. The reality is that SEO is still very much alive and we have the statistics to prove it.
Sure, Panda and Penguin have made it very difficult to cheat the system, but each of these algorithm updates have moved SEO from a manipulative marketing practice to an art form that combines branding, content creation, IT, and content promotion to drive highly qualified visitors to your website.

Whether trying to understand if SEO is right for your business, or trying to sell SEO to a potential client, these SEO stats for 2017 should be enough to convince anyone that SEO is essential to their business, while also providing some good benchmarks when building your company’s SEO strategy.

SEO Stats Everyone Should Know

Local SEO Stats for 2017

Outranking national brands in search results was once nearly impossible in the world of SEO. Fortunately, Google gave local businesses a way to compete with the big guys in 2014.

In July 2014, Google rolled out the first version of their Pigeon update, which gave local businesses the ability to compete for search rankings on a local level. In short, Google began to give a ranking boost to businesses in close proximity to the searcher in location-specific searches (ex. “pizza near me”, “Denver contractors”, etc.).

Pigeon invited local businesses to the world of search engines, and those who were paying attention made out like bandits.

6 Local SEO Stats

Mobile SEO Statistics for 2017

If you thought that mobile-friendly sites were “unnecessary”, I think it’s safe to say that Mobilegeddon proved you wrong.

On April 21, 2015, Google rolled out an algorithm update that hurt the search rankings of non-mobile-friendly sites in mobile search results. In other words, if your website ranked first in Google for “Denver pizza shop” when searching from your phone, but was a pain in the ass to navigate through on your phone, then it wasn’t going to stay there for long.

Mobile search rankings are more important than ever, and will only grow increasingly important over time.

In Conclusion:

  • SEO is essential to your business’ success.
  • In most cases, writing long-form content is better than writing 500-word blog articles.
  • If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s probably time for a new website.
  • Every local business needs to have a website that is optimized for local search results.

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About the Author

Pat Ahern Shares His SEO Stats To Disprove The Theory That SEO is Dead

Pat Ahern is the director of traffic generation at Junto, a hyper-efficient traffic generation and web development service. Pat loves rock climbing, craft beer and helping startups grow.


About the expert: Maarit Durity

Maarit Durity is the Director of Digital Marketing at Digital Firefly Marketing. Not only does she supervise the work of other SEO Specialists on the team but she keeps all Digital Firefly staff up to date on SEO trends and best practices and oversees our own site’s SEO. Maarit’s expertise is organic. A love for computers and interest in programming and design that bloomed in the 1990’s led her to where she is today. As Maarit dove deeper into the world wide web, she became an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization through trial and error which has lead her to consistently creating successful strategies. She enjoys mentoring and guiding colleagues and clients to use SEO best practices and teaching them new tactics. Maarit’s work satisfies her inner data nerd by diving into site and marketing campaign stats to see the successes of the organic and technical tactics she has applied. Maarit’s longtime work with SEO has brought her to develop a philosophy that drives her work. “When creating an effective SEM (search engine marketing) campaign or optimizing a website for organic search it’s not to satisfy you or Google, it’s to provide the visitor coming to your website the solution they want or the answer to the question they are seeking. Make the user happy . . . in return, search engines will love your website.” Like the rest of us, Maarit Durity loves working at DFM. When asked what about Digital Firefly Marketing makes her proud she said, “I feel like I was handed some special kool-aid to drink on my first day. I love DFM’s culture and the people I work with, including our clients. We all respect and value each other which is clearly presented by the quality of work we provide and produce.” Maarit only drives cars with a manual transmission and refuses to buy a vehicle with an automatic. Why? She likes to be in complete control of the engine. #chickswithsticks #savethemanuals Maarit studied Life at the School of Hard Knocks.

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