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August 4, 2016

Digital Firefly Marketing at Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference & Expo


What is it?

The Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference & Expo is a 2 and one-half day expo where more than 1,000 car dealers and managers get together and exchange ideas and lessons to their peers for company improvement and marketing strategies. This year’s conference is located in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who will be there?

The Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference is aimed towards people from the automotive industry, and to marketers, dealers, managers, and directors from all different fields, including internet sales managers, social media managers, and e-Commerce directors. Most importantly the founder and CEO of Digital Firefly Marketing, John Cashman will be there to discuss and teach all in attendance about SEO and the importance of it.

What to expect

Attendees of the Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference & Expo can expect more than 100 educational sessions, more than 120 exhibiting companies, and 5 keynote presentations. The educational sessions will teach dealer’s how to build solutions for their dealership, expand their knowledge, and teach dealer’s how to grow their dealership by gathering new ideas from peers and learning about the industry best practices. The attendees will also be exposed to new technology, and the latest products and services from the 120+ technology-focused providers at the Digital Dealer Exhibit Hall.

Which sessions should you attend?

There are over 100 sessions available at the Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference & Expo, so it might be hard to decide upon which session is the right one for you to attend. The first thing to consider is what exactly you are looking to learn more about, and use to better your dealership or business. Once you know that you can look at the different categories, including those in, data and analytics, digital marketing, finance & insurance, fixed operations, management, reputation & loyalty, PPC, and more. After deciding which type of session you would like to attend, you can also choose between fundamental, intermediate, or advanced, so that you can attend a session that is best suited for your individual experience level. Here is a link to the program guide, including times and dates of sessions, speakers, and booths.

Digital Firefly Marketing’s Session

The founder and CEO of Digital Firefly Marketing, John Cashman will be presenting at the Digital Dealer’s Automotive Conference & Expo on the topic of digital marketing. There he will discuss what SEO is, the importance of SEO, how it works, how you can audit your own business, and decide upon whether or not you would like to do your own SEO, or allow a business, such as Digital Firefly Marketing, to do the SEO for you. Learn more about speaker John Cashman here.

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