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April 23, 2018

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

Knowing when to redesign your website keeps you current.

With all of this talk this month about design you’re probably starting to wonder if it’s time to redesign your website. The answer is…

It’s Complicated

Unlike brushing your teeth or getting an oil change, it’s pretty hard to quantify how often you should redesign your website. Yet the question is Googled quite a bit. If you’ve wondered the same thing, we’re going to break it down a little differently. We’re talking today specifically about an aesthetic redesign – changing up colors, fonts, etc. At the end we have a few helpful tips to keep you on the right track.

You Should Redesign Your Website When

Rather than set a time limit, think about your site as meeting certain metrics. When it misses 2-3 of those, it’s time to redesign!

Trends Change Enough That You’re Out Of Style

Right now is likely a good time to redesign. Why? Because serifs are back, big is in, and retro is hot. This is a huge change from the last five or so years. Take time to assess your fonts and colors – are they paling in comparison to the examples we’ve shown during the month?

You’ve Changed Your Logo

If you change your logo it’s imperative you change your site to reflect it. Our recommendation is to work on your site in the background before the rollout of your new logo so that it is seamless. Don’t forget to boast on social and create blog content about your transformation. In a narrative-driven market people love to know why you rounded edges or changed colors.

Enough People Comment That Your Site Is Outdated

What’s “enough people”? Meh, it’s about as complicated as figuring out the perfect schedule for changing up your website. If you’re hearing that your site is outdated from more than a few people, it’s time to investigate further. If you’re large enough, you could conduct a focus group. Small? Ask team members if you have them. One man show? We’ve all got those friends who are just dying to tell us the brutal facts about our lives – put your website in front of them and get ready to take notes.

Feeling Fragile?

Wondering if it’s time to redesign your website but a little gun shy about going to your team? Digital Firefly Marketing is here to help. We’ll provide a free design audit full of feedback about your site and whether we think you should change things up. If you should, we’ll share ideas about how to do just that to make sure you stay looking fresh no matter what the trends.

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