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January 25, 2016

Understanding Different Social Media Management Tools

Various tools can be used to manage the data on social media as a WordPress user. Database Administration (DBA) services are also required for social media. If you are looking for social media data management tools, this article will provide the various solutions available.


This data management tool helps you share new updates on your social media profile. Buffer allows you to schedule the update for a day, week and even a month at once. Additionally, it also provides a link shortening service and analytics so that you can find out how your updates are performing across various networks that you belong. Buffer can be found on the web and is a browser extension. It can also be found in mobile applications for Android as well as iOS devices.


Hootsuite is the ultimate social media management tool for your data. It provides you with a user interface that you can use to monitor and manage all data in your social media profile using one single dashboard.

Additionally, it allows you to add teams so that your team member can respond to comments, updates and tweets you upload on your social media accounts. Hootsuite also contains a link shortening and analytics service that is built in to allow you to monitor and gauge your social media performance.

Facebook Insights

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world. Social plugins provided by Facebook include send button, like button and Facebook comments. You can integrate these plugins to your WordPress site to increase your reach on Facebook.

Additionally, it provides comprehensive analytics tools called Facebook insights that give you a deeper look into how your sight performs on the social media site. You can click here to learn more about DBA services.

Twitter Analytics

All users of Twitter have an advantage as the social media giant has its own analytics. You can check how your tweets are performing as well as what types of updates are getting more attention among other analytics. You have a monthly breakdown of your top tweets, profile views, mentions, and impressions. This is great when you want to plan a strategy for your Twitter account and manage data in your account. Additionally, using Twitter cards can help increase the engagement level you have on Twitter.

Pinterest Analytics

To manage data in your Pinterest account, Pinterest provides analytics tool that helps you track the performance of your site. You can check the performance of your boards and pins. In addition, the account also shows click, repins, and general data about your audience. You can verify your blog or website to find out how it is performing on Pinterest.

YouTube Analytics

For a YouTube publisher,YouTube analytics is the best tool for you. You get comprehensive insights to how your channel is performing on the YouTube platform. You are able to see your demographics, views, and traffic sources all from one dashboard. Additionally, you can see estimated earnings for the playbacks in your channel as well as the total estimated earning.

Other data management tools for WordPress and social media sites include Mention, Metwater IceRocket, Sprout Social, Followerwonk, Tailwind, Viralwoot, Klout, Tweetreach, HowSociable, Social Report, Keyhole, My  Top Tweet, Riffle, and beevolves. You can use all these social media data management tools to keep up with your sites.


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