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December 20, 2015

How Web Design Affects SEO

Including web design in your marketing efforts is important because of the monumental impact that it has on your online presence. Great web design goes far beyond aesthetics.  It also makes it easier for users and search engines to navigate your site.  Here we explore how web design affects SEO.

Role of Web Design

  • SEO begins with web design. Your company can remain competitive by integrating various factors that will effectively improve your search engine rankings. Keywords play an important role in SEO, too. They reflect what your business has to offer and define your brand. Using keywords appropriately is a strategic way to advance your SEO efforts.
  • Before using any keywords, make sure you carry out thorough keyword research. To reap the benefits of good web design for SEO, make sure that you evaluate your keywords before using them.  You should also avoid any technicalities that will interfere with the clarity of your content.
  • When you implement web design and include SEO, it should be on a long term basis. Trendy designs are temporary but your online visibility and branding will leave a lasting impression. While paying attention to creating a visually appealing site, do not forget to design a site that will contribute to higher search rankings.


When users go to your website they will notice your design instantly. Users are likely to quickly exit slow or outdated-looking sites. Spending time crafting the appearance and feel of your site is essential. Your site should be designed in a way that makes it easy to use, too. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Make sure navigating your site intuitive and your visitors will stay longer.

If they learn or find what they need, users are bound to return. Search engines have expectations regarding website navigation, too. Lack of proper web development can have adverse effects on your ranking because your site will not be search engine friendly.


If one of your objectives is to have a distinct brand, your web design should reflect this. A site that features consistency will make your brand easily identifiable, create familiarity and boost credibility. The content on your site needs to be strategically placed to make it more appealing and easier to go through.

Avoid filling pages with excessive content and keep them clutter free by leaving enough white space. A modern, updated website will attract more visitors and rank well. An SEO expert can help you ensure that your website has effective SEO.


Another important aspect of good web design for SEO is the use of images. Optimize your images and compress them so that they will load faster for users.  The images that you use on your site should ideally be relevant to your content. They should be related to the website and paired with suitable captions, titles and any other relevant accompanying information.

Social Media Integration

Social Integration

  • Social media continues to gain popularity all around the world as more people use it to create social connections and share information. Platforms such as Facebook are visited frequently while others such as Twitter can always be relied on to provide the latest news.
  • Several online users are on social media where they can find and distribute content. Search engines value your social media presence and with the simple click of a button on your social media page, several people can access information about your brand.
  • Sign up for the social medial networks of your choice and provide shareable links on all the pages leading to your website. Take full advantage of the lucrative opportunities that social media offers.

SEO Content

Good SEO content should be well written without excessive use of keywords. Avoid copying or duplicating content that search engines can detect and penalize you for. Consider hiring SEO specialists who can help you with creating an SEO friendly site that will enable you to broaden your customer base and reach more people. A good quality website requires you to have focus and find your niche. Being recognized as an expert in a particular area is significant when it comes to search rankings.


A complex site is unlikely to be appealing to users.  The simpler and easier it is to use, the more effective it will be. Intuitive site structure with easy navigation and proper use of images will boost SEO.

While quality web design is necessary for any effective internet marketing campaign, responsiveness will also improve SEO.  Your site design will affect your rankings and determine whether you have a strong online presence.  This is because design affects how search engines perceive your site, as well as how users respond to it.

Author bio

Vinod Jethwani is the CEO and Founder of Walnut Solutions and he helps web based companies with his SEO strategies to grown their revenue. He started his career in 2007 as a software developer with an Indian based MNC. Later in 2011, he became an entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @VinodJethwani or through his blog.

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