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January 11, 2018

Tailoring Your SEO Strategy With Competitive Analysis

Competitive Keyword Analysis helps you knock out the competition.

An SEO strategy focused on industry keywords and trending searches is important to your online success. One of the most often overlooked facets of these strategies is competitor analysis. Have you implemented this into yours? Today we’re breaking down what competitive keyword analysis is, why it matters, and how to do it. Get ready to take your business to the next level! 

What is Competitive Keyword Analysis?

When researching keywords many new to SEO will simply think what they would search if looking for their page optimize for those terms. And that’s a good start. It guarantees that you’ll hit the basics. But you can learn a lot more by analyzing your competitor’s keywords. Competitive keyword analysis is the auditing of competitors’ sites to discover search terms for which they rank and that users are using as stepping stones to your competitors’ sites. It is easier than it sounds and can open your page up to more traffic when done well.

Why You Should Audit Your Competitors’ Keywords

While targeting keywords that are industry and good and service-specific are important, competitive keyword analysis achieves three things imperative to your strategy. It highlights keywords you haven’t thought of, alerts you to opportunities, and can help you save money.

Benefit #1: I Didn’t Think of That!

Let’s say you sell sporting goods at a brick and mortar shop on Main St. in Anytown, USA. Chances are you’ve optimized for keywords like “sporting goods Anytown” and “sports equipment Anytown”. When you research your competition’s keywords, though, you discover that they are using brand information, a nearby city, and sports that are currently in season while you stay more general to cast a wider net. Looking at competitors’ keywords has alerted you to areas of the market you may have overlooked. An SEO strategy that casts both wide and narrow nets is best so diversify by adding more landing pages and content that will draw attention to your site.

Benefit #2: Corner the Market

Seeking out your competitors’ keywords will also alert you to low competition terms that you can add to your growing list of optimized keywords. We’ll get into this in the next section but just remember this: low competition keywords mean you can knock the low hanging fruit off of page one if you optimize your site and regularly update it.

Benefit #3: Save Money and Spend Wisely

If your shop is in town with a Cabella’s, REI and EMS there are certain keywords you won’t compete with. While you can still optimize for these organically, save money by eliminating these keywords and keyword phrases from your pay-per-click advertising campaign. Instead, invest in local and other specific searches as well as low competition searches the big guys have overlooked. You’ll rank for those sometimes, even when the big guys don’t.

Tune In Next Week

Next week we’ll teach you a simple, five-step method for conducting a competitive keyword analysis that won’t overwhelm you but will help you up your SEO game.


About the expert: Maarit Durity

Maarit Durity is the Director of Digital Marketing at Digital Firefly Marketing. Not only does she supervise the work of other SEO Specialists on the team but she keeps all Digital Firefly staff up to date on SEO trends and best practices and oversees our own site’s SEO. Maarit’s expertise is organic. A love for computers and interest in programming and design that bloomed in the 1990s led her to where she is today. As Maarit dove deeper into the world wide web, she became an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization through trial and error which has lead her to consistently creating successful strategies. She enjoys mentoring and guiding colleagues and clients to use SEO best practices and teaching them new tactics. Maarit’s work satisfies her inner data nerd by diving into site and marketing campaign stats to see the successes of the organic and technical tactics she has applied. Maarit only drives cars with a manual transmission and refuses to buy a vehicle with an automatic. Why? She likes to be in complete control of the engine. #chickswithsticks #savethemanuals

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