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February 7, 2018

How To Rock Video on Facebook

Rock your Facebook videos

It’s not a secret: social media and video go hand in hand. This month we’re breaking down video across the most popular social media platforms. First up? Facebook. Today we’ll look at the stats. We’ll also provide tips on how to make sure you’re maximizing marketing video on Facebook.

By The Numbers: Facebook Video Stats

Video for Facebook is HUGE!

45% of people watch at least one hour of video on Facebook a week. (Buffer)

Half a billion people watch video on Facebook daily (Forbes).

Since June 2017, views on branded video content has increased by 258% on Facebook (tubularinsights).

That stats don’t end there. They prove that video, whether on Facebook or not, is key to attracting viewers. And, more than this, that video has a greater effect on viewers that written text.

One third of time spent online is spent consuming video (Wordstream).

People retain 95% of information that comes from a video but only 10% from what they read.

What’s That Mean For You?

People are attracted to video but it is consumed in specific ways. For example, only 15% of video watched on Facebook is done with volume. Yes, 85% is muted. Here’s what you need to know about producing marketing videos for Facebook.

Keep It Short

Facebook advises, and stats prove, that viewers prefer videos that clock in under 2 minutes. You don’t have to say everything in one video. Break up information into multiple installments and change them up.

Always Add Value

Teach them something. Instructional videos, like those short recipe videos from Tasty, are all the rage. Figure out who your audience is and what they are curious about when it comes to your vertical. If you have a hardware store, teach them how to build something quick and easy. If you knit scarves, make a video showing how to style them in a few different ways.

Have a Purpose

Don’t forget the call to action. No matter what, tell viewers what you want them to do. Otherwise, your video is simply informative. And while informative is great, you must give them something to do – like learning more at your website, or purchasing a product or service.

Hook Them

Give them free cookies, but make them buy the milk. Because these videos should be short, you should wow your viewers with something – that’s the free cookie. Whet their appetites with a new skill, or data showing something you do and the results it gets. Once they try the strategy and see results, they’ll be thirsty for more. So sell them some milk! Using videos as a teaser for something big is a fantastic marketing technique.

Consider The Source

No one knows Facebook better than Facebook so be sure to pay attention to what they push as best practices.

Narrative still wins. People like a story. We use the example of Dawn dish soap quite a bit and how it is used to help ducks who have been affected by oil spills. Use the mantra “show don’t tell” to engage viewers with the story of your business, product or service.

Use sound, text and audio together to communicate. Facebook defaults to playing video without sound. Make sure captions are available so that it’s clear what you’re getting at. Use text within the video to enhance the message when the sound is off or on. Finally, use audio, like music and effects, to enhance the message.

Know your audience. We write about demographics a great deal on our blog and that’s because they matter. Different age groups; people of varying socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds; and even those in different professions react to different things. Know your demographics and consider creating videos that target different types of people (ie. those that speak to urban commuters vs. those who speak to retirees living on farms) and leverage video ads that way.

Successful video is all about thinking it through and approaching it from new angles. Implement these practices and watch your engagement flourish. Contact Digital Firefly Marketing today for a free social media audit.

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