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February 2, 2018

Quick & Easy SEO for eCommerce

e commerce seo tips

SEO doesn’t just apply to blogs and business websites, it’s also important for eCommerce sites. If you sell products on an eCommerce platform, you’ll want to check out our roundup of eCommerce SEO tips.

eCommerce SEO Tips

We’ve grouped the tips to help you organize how you attack optimizing your online shop in the most effective, and efficient, way.

Back To Basics: Start with Keywords

For each page, craft an SEO title with the keyword as close to the beginning as possible. Include any special deals or offers.

Optimize your meta descriptions by including the primary keyword you’re targeting in the first sentence. Stay between 190- 210 characters (including spaces and punctuation) for the best results. This is a recent change as Google is now showing more meta description content then before which was 156 characters. Google has stated they have allowed 300, but there have been some oddities, so we recommend 190-210 for now.

Always have an H1 with your main keyword.

Include the right amount of valuable content, organized well. Pages should have at least 300 words of useful, well-written content. Keep sentences short (most should be under 20 words) and try to keep paragraphs under 150 words. Organize content using H2 and H3 properly – these work to show the hierarchy of information.

Don’t forget that pictures are worth a thousand words. Always have images on your page that delight and reinforce content. The alt tag should quickly describe the picture. For featured images, include a keyword.

Tidy Your URLs

Make sure that your URLs are short, avoid stop words and make sense structurally. The best way to plan these is by mapping your site by top level menus and creating a consistent procedure for designating URLs. Also, make sure to use dashes instead of underscores. The best place to learn more about URLs is this great post from Moz.

When creating a site from scratch aim for a few top level menus to avoid too many folders (slashes) in your URLs.

Less is more, especially in the case of URLs. Keep ‘em short and sweet. And make sure they include words, not numbers. SKUs are a nice way to organize your inventory, but not your URLs.

refresh your e commerce seo

It can be easy to forget that SEO and eCommerce go hand in hand so take some time to go through your site and see if it’s time for a refresh. Not sure? Digital Firefly Marketing is happy to conduct a free SEO audit of your online shop or any other website you run.

About the expert: Maarit Durity

Maarit Durity is the Director of Digital Marketing at Digital Firefly Marketing. Not only does she supervise the work of other SEO Specialists on the team but she keeps all Digital Firefly staff up to date on SEO trends and best practices and oversees our own site’s SEO. Maarit’s expertise is organic. A love for computers and interest in programming and design that bloomed in the 1990s led her to where she is today. As Maarit dove deeper into the world wide web, she became an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization through trial and error which has lead her to consistently creating successful strategies. She enjoys mentoring and guiding colleagues and clients to use SEO best practices and teaching them new tactics. Maarit’s work satisfies her inner data nerd by diving into site and marketing campaign stats to see the successes of the organic and technical tactics she has applied. Maarit only drives cars with a manual transmission and refuses to buy a vehicle with an automatic. Why? She likes to be in complete control of the engine. #chickswithsticks #savethemanuals

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